The 1000 mm mower head was designed specifically to meet the needs of many professionals or hobbyists who have mini excavators. This sector is neglected by many manufacturers because it is considered low usage. Metalmeccanica AFB, however, is very careful to try to meet these needs; in fact, it created this accessory that makes it almost unique in the industry.

The 1000 mm  mower head can be applied to mini excavators from (2.5 ton/5.0 ton) with auxiliary hydraulics (hammer), this accessory has a surface of cut by 100 cm, weighs about 150/160 kg, the feature that makes it almost unique is that you can apply different 2 helical rotor types:

  • 1 Helical rotor equipped with triple knife with bracket for each support (2 J-shaped curve and a straight total 48 knives).
  • 2 Helical rotor features forestry ram with u-bolt (28 hammer total rams).

The helical rotor allows for excellent quality of work, obtaining maximum results with less effort.

In the heart of the machine is positioned the (helical rotor) lodged on high-quality bearings and splined bushing is cemented where the hydraulic gear motor is placed directly on the trimming axle; that bidirectional engine, totally made of cast iron, with internal or external drainage, according to various needs, makes the machine much more aggressive; the engine cylinders begin operation within the oil pressure capacity of the small excavator.

Another factor that makes the difference is the two-way hydraulic motor, completely of cast iron, it maintains the performance because the overheating does not create thermal dilation, in contrast with traditional aluminum motors; therefore the quality of the cut remains unchanged.

In the metal structure of the head, there is an inner sheet that functions as a firewall, increasing its strength and its durability over time. Instead in the back is a 3-position height adjustable support roller with a scraper that always keeps it clean.

The outside of the metal are placed various threaded holes that allow the positioning of the standard seat with pins or for the various couplings of the operating machine according to the different needs and preferences.

With this design and assembly study and premium components the  mower head of 1000 mm can cut a maximum diameter of 5 cm with rotor blades with rotor bundle, however can cut a maximum diameter of about 10 cm

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