Herby Flail  Mower Arm

Herby is a unique product of its kind, a mower designed specifically for Mini compact tractors, which is smaller than the traditional machines, but with high performance “the little machine that does great things!”

Herby mower head for compact tractors

The Herby line is a viable alternative for the industry, care and maintenance of green spaces and for farmers using mini tractors. Studied in detail to last over time, always reliable, versatile,  and indispensable because they are created specifically to meet the needs of a sector that is often overlooked by the manufacturers. Click here and ask us for information about the Herby trimmer!!

Minimum radius: 2.900 mm
Maximum reach: 3.200 mm
Attachment: 1st and 2nd category


New type of tractor quick coupler: To simplify your work, a new type of attachment was created for the tractor, offering extreme comfort and speed for the operator, also with the help of the stabilizer legs with which the machine is equipped.

Independent hydraulic system: The machine is equipped with a hydraulic system independent from that of the tractor, for optimal control of the cutting head and arm movement.

Auto safety return: HERBY has a hydraulic device that allows the head and arm assembly to move 90° backward if it encounters an obstacle during operation, thus avoiding damage to the machine. The work restoration phase is manually controlled by pressing the lever on the console.

Bi-directional rotor: Using the reverse control lever on the console, you can reverse the direction of rotation of the rotor to fit the work needs as well as releasing it easily from blockages. It should be noted that the cutting system moves in a helical direction, thus reducing the effort of the machine driven and increasing the quality of work. Minimum effort for maximum performance

Floating head flail mower:  This makes it possible to follow the contours of the land with the result of a job well done. The inside of the head body has, in its upper part, a cavity that absorbs shocks, so that it does not smash the outside of the shell itself.

Swivel knives The mower is equipped with a swivel knife to prevent damage in the event of an impact against obstacles such as stones, etc.. Due to their size and high quality materials, it is possible, without interruption and without changing the knives, to switch from normal maintenance of green spaces also in agriculture, the emptying of spaces also heavily infested with brambles and undergrowth.

The mower head flail mower mounted on herby has a cutting length area of 75 cm weighing about 90 kg, the feature that makes it almost unique of its kind because a triple helical rotor knife and jumper is applied for each support (2 J-shaped curve and a straight total 36 knives). The helical rotor allows for excellent quality of work because it obtained maximum results with less effort.

In the heart of the mower head is positioned the (HELICAL ROTOR) placed on high quality bearings, the keyed bushing is cemented where it should be placed on the hydraulic gear motor directly on the bidirectional cutting tree this engine is made entirely cast iron with internal drainage, making it a much more aggressive machine.

Another factor that makes the difference is the two-way hydraulic motor made completely of cast iron; it maintains performance because the overheating does not create thermal expansion instead of the classic aluminum motor, so that the cutting quality remains unchanged

In the metal structure of the head, there is an inner sheet that functions as a firewall, creating strength and durability, while in the back there is a support roller, adjustable at 3 height positions, with a scraper that always keeps it clean.

On the outside of the metal are placed various threaded holes that allow the positioning of the arm/head making it variable; this feature aims to decrease or increase the radius MIN 2900mm MAX 3200mm according to the various needs.

With this design and assembly study and premium quality components, the cutting head of 800 mm can cut 5 cm diameter.

Hydraulic stabilizers with blocking valve: The hydraulic stabilizers are operated directly by the herby hydraulic system; they are used when the machine is at rest and when earth-moving equipment is operated

The HERBY HYDRAULIC MOWER offers robust and easy-to-use handy attachments, easily usable for multiple uses, digging buckets, cleaning buckets, augers, hydraulic drills, etc.


Digging bucket/trapezoidal bucket/ditch cleaning bucket

The accessories, digging Bucket , trapezoidal bucket, bucket cleaning ditches, are applicable with minimal effort and in a very simple way to embankment mower, allowing all the operations of excavation and maintenance of a normal bucket, joining to this the great maneuverability and ease of use of Herby. The available sizes are:

250/300 mm digging bucket

Trapezoidal bucket for cleaning ditches of 420 mm

Ditch cleaning buckets of 700 mm

Herby auger attachment

The accessory auger is easily applicable to Herby and allows you to perform every operation of drilling and perforation of soil.

Dimensions ø 10/15/20/30 cm (ground tips)

Dimensions ø 10/15/20/30 cm (widia points)

Herby Hydraulic Clamping Claw Accessory MOD 250X300

The hydraulic clamping claw accessory is very useful for many types of work, according to its application; in fact, many use it to uproot fruit trees, dismantle fences, pruning, moving any heavy stuff, etc.

Its ease of application makes it very manageable and makes any kind of job easier.

Herby Hydraulic Cutter Bar Accessory Mod 1500

Hydraulic cutter bar mod. 1500 was investigated for various needs:

The main use of hydraulic cutter bar is indicated for trimming and pruning of shrubs, either green or dried with a maximum diameter 4 cm, the movement of the bar is driven by a hydraulic orbital motor. The useful working surface is of 1500 mm and the total mass is about 50 Kg.

The Mod 1500 Hydraulic cutter bar comes with an extension that allows to increasing the length of work at height.


Mower Head
36 multipurpose helicoidal knives
Working Width 750 mm.
Weight 85 kg.
Rotor Speed 2.800 giri/min.
Minimum Required Weight 1.000 kg.
Minimum Required Width 1,20 mt.
Tractor Power 20/60 cv.
Hydraulic Plant
Oil Tank Capacity 70 lt.
Hydraulic Oil ISO-L-HM 68
PTO Speed 540 RPM
Total Machine Weight 450 Kg.

Herby Dimensions

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